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Jared Vessell, Ross Bridges, and Matthew Murphy formed Vessell Bridges Murphy Law Offices with the primary focuses being Workers’ Compensation, General Liability and Labor Law. We stay keenly aware of minute changes in the law, which provides us with an advantage over our competition. We strive for a team-like atmosphere with our clients, and encourage them to contact us from the very beginning of a claim to talk through complex issues and possible defenses, even if the file will not ultimately be assigned to our firm. Jared, Ross, Matt and Brooke also regularly arrange training meetings and send case law updates in an effort to keep our clients equally updated on the law. When the claims department and legal team partner together with the ultimate goal of resolving each claim in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, the end result for both parties is always mutually beneficial.



Vessell Bridges Murphy Law Offices
3901 S. Providence Rd.
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