Attendee Testimonials

Just wanted to let you know that I though your virtual conference was fantastic.  The topics were compelling, the speakers were good, and I believe that my concentration on the learning experience was deeper than if I were in a huge hotel ballroom 20 rows back from the speaker trying to hear and see the material. 

I’m guessing this virtual conference was a sizable logistical challenge to pull off, but YOU DID IT!   I hope you’re considering virtual conferences for the future. 

Jill Truitt

Great Plains SPCA

I wanted to congratulate each of you on the BEST Missouri Employment Conference that I have attended to date.  I loved the virtual format!  I didn’t have to get dressed up, drive to Jefferson City, seat in those hard conference chairs, no waiting in line for the bathroom between sessions, could snack during the session, and didn’t feel intimated to ask questions like I would have in a room full of people.  This was much more private and the presenters were able to get to all the questions.

 In addition to that the speakers were AMAZING!!!  I don’t know where you found David Bartley, but you could not have found a better keynote presenter.  He had me crying through much of it and I was so glad I was at home and not at a conference hall.  I was a mess, but he was so inspiring.  Also loved Sarah Davidson and all the real life metrics and formulas that we can use to be better represented at the executive level.  Great material and presenter.

I hope that the Missouri Employment Conference will consider being a Virtual Conference again.  It was amazing, relaxing, and so much more!


If you only go to training one time a year whether it be because of budget or time constraints, I would say this is the training to come to.

This was my first time to attend, and I thought things were well-organized.

Great. The breaks and lunch went fast. I was late to a couple sessions because I was meeting with vendors.

Very good. Greatly appreciated the Business Credits available. Having lunch already set up on the tables was a great idea to speed up the process.

The conference was very informative with a lot of relevant topics to choose from.

Very good would highly recommend.

Really enjoyed the conference and the sessions I participated in.  I thought the presenters did a wonderful job and I was very impressed by several of the speakers!

Thank you to your organization for offering and coordinating this effort!

Beth Bailey

Midway USA

Excellent conference.

David Woods Bartley was amazing! I had an employee commit suicide after termination when I was a brand new, very green supervisor doing what I was told. I learned to protect both my employees and my companies from that experience and that’s probably why I got into HR.

HR training historically has really needed mental wellness training on an ongoing basis. David was impactful.

Also really enjoyed Tom Chibnall’s talk of Safety. That could be a half day to full day of training by itself. I’d like to work with him one day.

I also thought the Zoom format was crazy good. Very well organized and easy.

Thanks again for a great day!

Amanda Maghari

I have over 25 years of Operations and Human resources experience and I have attended the Missouri Employee Conference every year since it began, and it has become a must attend event for me. The Missouri Employee Conference introduces the hottest, most timely topics that all Leaders no matter their role in the company, need to do their jobs well. While traditionally a Human Resources, Operations, Talent Acquisitions event, I truly believe a leader at any level in a company could benefit as the entire conference is dedicated to hot topics regarding Missouri Employment. Whether the topic is where to find top talent to the biggest legal issues in employment the Missouri Employee Conference has it covered with the latest and greats speakers and workshops. In this talent shortage, very litigious and every changing workplace environment we all must attend an event like the one The Missouri Employee Conference offers. I recommend you attend the Missouri Employee Conference.

Guy Hulen

IMKO Workforce Solutions

There are just so many topics to choose from.  Usually when you go to a full day seminar it’s on one topic.  But here you can choose which sessions; which topics apply to you.  If you only go to training one time a year, be it for budget or time constraints, I would say that this is the training to come to.

Leah Laramore

Callaway County

I love this conference!  The speakers are fabulous and give you lots of updates on what’s going on.  The legal updates are fabulous

Jamie Haines

Hubbell Power Systems

Wow, Missouri Employment Conference. Exactly what we all needed right now. Almost every session I attended circled back to making connections and enriching your life and your employees’ lives by connections. In this time of virtual interactions and the need to adapt how we connect, your speaker’s sessions provided a great reminder of the necessity of continuing to build our relationships. A very informative and well-done virtual conference.

Rebecca Dinovo