Conference Schedule
Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Please be advised this schedule may be subject to change.


8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

Tammy Rogers


Jerk-like behavior in the workplace is on the rise.  Just type “bad boss” or “toxic work environment” into Google and see what happens. Add our amplified focus on sexual harassment and hostile work environments–and you’ve got the perfect storm.

Jerk-like behavior hurts us personally and organizationally. And while we may never get rid of ALL the jerks at work each of us has the power to not be one of them.

In this interactive session attendees will:
• Discover how jerks impact work and our organizations.
• Recognize the risks of ignoring jerks at work.
• Understand our role in addressing jerks at work.
• Obtain the tools necessary for addressing jerks operating both inside and outside of our department or organizations.
• Learn to build and align your business culture with your organizational strategy of No Jerks at Work (Harassment).
• Realize how each of us can be jerks

Intended Audience: Private Sector/Public Sector

Tammy K. Rogers

Tammy K. Rogers is a Master Facilitator, Storyteller and Author.  She’s been instrumental in eleven business start-ups.  She’s held Vice President titles in both Human Resources and Operations – and has had the opportunity to lead more than 200 employees in remote offices from Boston to Los Angeles and Minneapolis to Atlanta.  Tammy has written five books, designed and developed more than 50 internationally distributed training programs, and worked with best-selling authors like James Autry and Bob Nelson.

Today, Tammy is best known for helping leaders experience “Aha” moments in order to develop new ways of thinking, new attitudes and new behaviors that transfer to the real world.  And throughout Tammy’s 30+ year career, she has partnered with hundreds of companies – both large and small – to help them improve results through the building of people, processes and procedures.


9:15 AM – 10:15 AM

Digital Directions: Navigating the Waters of ADA Web Compliance and Harnessing AI Tools for Business Growth’, an enlightening dive into two crucial components of today’s digital landscape.
Sandy Waggett


Company websites are an important part of your business and marketing profiles.  In this presentation, we’ll tackle the increasingly significant issue of ADA compliance for websites. As lawsuits targeting non-compliant businesses multiply, it’s never been more crucial to ensure your digital platform is accessible to all users. We’ll break down the ABCs of ADA compliance in clear, easy-to-understand language, emphasizing not just the legal ramifications of non-compliance but also the benefits of creating an inclusive web environment.

From there, we’ll journey into the transformative world of AI tools like ChatGPT. We’ll show you how these tools can revolutionize your operations, from automating tasks to generating engaging content. Forget the tech jargon; we’ll focus on practical applications and benefits that you can translate into real growth for your business.

  • Understand the DOJ’s Requirements for Web ADA Compliance
  • Write effective prompts that generate powerful business-oriented results with ChatGPT.
  • Understand how to leverage 3 additional AI tools for your business in terms in training, retention, and other business operations.

 Intended Audience: Private Sector/Public Sector

Sandy Waggett is the visionary and dynamic force behind MSW Interactive Designs, a leading digital creation company catering to clients nationwide. As the founder and owner, Sandy has not only built a successful business but has also formed a vibrant team of 15 talented digital creators over the past 25 years.

Before founding MSW Interactive Designs in 1999, Sandy was a Senior Engineer at Lockheed Martin, where she honed her skills in building computer-based training applications for the US Space Command. Holding a Master’s degree in Instructional Technology, Sandy has effortlessly transitioned her extensive technological background to her entrepreneurial journey. As a Certified High-Performance Coach, a Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach, and a certified LX Council moderator, Sandy’s unique combination of expertise makes her a trusted authority in the digital marketing sector.

Specializing in consulting with clients on messaging, branding, web, and marketing strategies, Sandy’s primary mission is to empower businesses to reach their potential. Her vast experience, spanning pre-Google technological advancements to the latest trends, gives her a unique perspective in helping businesses navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape.

In addition to her professional achievements, Sandy is a dedicated community member. She currently serves as a board member of Citizens Against Domestic Violence (CADV) and is the president of T.H.E. Impact Network, an inspiring collective of CEOs and philanthropists dedicated to making a global impact. As Sandy spearheads MSW Interactive Designs towards its 25th anniversary, her commitment to excellence in both her professional and personal life remains stronger than ever.

Emotional Intelligence in the workplace
Tammy Elbright


This interactive session on “Enhancing Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace” is designed to equip professionals with the essential skills needed to navigate the complex landscape of emotions within the professional sphere. Participants will delve into the fundamental concepts of emotional intelligence, exploring how self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, social awareness (empathy), and social regulation contribute to individual and collective success.

The session will provide practical insights and strategies for attendees to develop and apply emotional intelligence in their daily work interactions. Through engaging discussions and real-world case studies, participants will gain actionable tools to enhance their own EQ and positively impact their teams and organizational culture.

Join us for an insightful journey into the realm of emotional intelligence, where we will uncover the keys to fostering a more empathetic, resilient, and collaborative work environment.

  • Understanding the Fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Developing Practical Strategies for EQ Enhancement
  • Integrating EQ for Leadership and Team Success

Intended Audience: Private Sector/Public Sector

Tammy Ebright

Tammy Ebright is a seasoned Performance Improvement Consultant and the visionary behind Unleash Your Amazing. In 2012, Tammy faced a profound turning point with the loss of her husband, David. This pivotal moment ignited a soul-searching journey that led her to discover a profound purpose — helping others unlock their true potential.

With an impressive track record of 30 years in successful sales, Tammy brings a wealth of experience to the forefront. Her journey is marked not only by professional success but also by a lifetime commitment to problem-solving and resilience. Today, Tammy is at the forefront of pioneering courses that leverage her innovative ideas in communication and relationship building for businesses.

Certified in DISC, Driving Forces, Emotional Quotient, and Acumen, Tammy is a dedicated student at the BG5 Institute. Her passion lies in seamlessly integrating scientific principles to empower individuals to embrace their strengths and comprehend their unique qualities.

Join Tammy as she spearheads transformative sessions, blending decades of expertise with cutting-edge insights. Get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment under Tammy’s guidance, where she not only shares knowledge but also inspires individuals to unleash their amazing potential.

How to Use a Wellness Program to Save Money & Improve Employee Benefits
Kent Friend


Attendees will learn the details of various types of insurance platforms, Fully Insured/ Level Funded/ Self Insured/ Captive/direct contract/etc,

Then learn how to decide which platform is right for their company.
They will learn how to lower their premiums and improve their insurance experience.

  • Understanding the various types of medical insurance plans
  • Learning how to select the right plan for your company
  • Learning how to improve your employee benefits and save everyone money

Intended Audience: Private Sector/Public Sector

Kent Friend

Kent joined Bukaty Companies with 30 years of experience building, running and consulting for companies ranging from small to Fortune 500.

He understands what it takes to design an employee benefits program that is attractive to both employers and employees. With all his talents in the finance and operations world, Kent works diligently to provide solutions across the nation the many services Bukaty Companies can assist companies and executives with — Group Health Insurance, Commercial P&C, HIPAA compliance, COBRA administration and payroll, to mention a few.

By keeping the client’s needs as the driver, Kent implements a strategy that allows his clients to stay focused on what they do best.  His new clients have been averaging over a $1,600 per year savings per employee… and they now have better benefits.

Kent is a seasoned public speaker on multiple topics and is known a ones of the nation’s leading expert on Wellness programs, Contributions Strategies, Strategic Plan Design, Direct Contracting and Cost Containment programs. No one brings more passion to their clients than he does.  Kent and his team deliver a world class benefit / insurance experience -so his clients can stay focused on running their company.

Kent graduated from the University of Missouri – Columbia, with a combined degree in Marketing/ Management/ Public Relations.

Licensed in Life & Health / Commercial Property & Casualty 

All companies over 10 employees – Associations, Auto, Banks, Churches, Construction, Distribution, Food Industry, Gaming and Hospitality, Manufacturing, Marine, Medical providers, Public, Schools, Utilities, 501-c3’s.


9:15 AM – 11:30 AM

Reasonable Suspicion Recognition Training
John Throckmorton


At the end of each training session, the attendee will:

  1. Know some of the behavioral, physical, and emotional signs and impacts of drug and alcohol use on an individual as well as:
  2. Recognize paraphernalia associated with the use of drugs.
  3. Become aware of the negative impact of various levels of alcohol concentration in the human body by using learning tools (e.g., beer goggles).
  4. Recognize other signs of potential substance misuse/use in the workplace.
  5. Identify some of the dangers associated with the usage of drugs and alcohol.
  6. Learn different evaluation methods as well as documentation procedures.
  7. Understand current trends and how they impact safety in the workplace.

Participants will also receive an informational manual for future reference. The manual includes information presented during the workshop, a sample documentation form, and sample wording.

  • Understand behavioral traits associated with drug or alcohol use.
  • Know the appropriate steps to conduct reasonable suspicion testing in the workplace.
  • Know current trends of testing methodologies and updates on testing for marijuana.

Intended Audience: Private Sector/Public Sector

John Throckmorton

John Throckmorton is a Senior Trainer Consultant with Tomo Drug Testing. He has been with Tomo since December 2000, serving as a collection technician, field manager, breath alcohol and drug collection trainer, operations manager and account executive.  Often referred to as “JT”, John has assisted businesses with the development and implementation of substance misuse testing programs as well as program reviews for compliance with State and Federal regulations. As a Senior Training Consultant, John annually conducts over 100 educational training seminars and webinars. John is a graduate of Baptist Bible College where he met Carol, his wife of 45 years. They have two grown children and three grandchildren. John has been involved in public speaking for over 45 years.


10:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Leading with Psychological Safety
Ben Pasker


“Everything you say and do – can and will be used against you.”

Unfortunately, that is how many people feel at work.  They have a fault-finding boss.  They attend meetings where new thoughts and ideas are ripped apart.  Reactive rework is deeply engrained in the culture.  And/or they have peers that tease and pick at one another – all in the name of “fun”, of course.

This kind of work environment is all too common.  And it comes with a cost:

  • When leaders ask for input and ideas – they are met with silence.
  • Staff waits to be told what to do – and seeks reassurance, often.
  • Multiple meetings are held to ensure we “on the same page.”
  • Work is checked and double-checked
  • The status quo reigns supreme

In this kind of culture – employees don’t grow and flourish.  Instead, they withdraw, put up a shield, and endure.

During this workshop attendees will:

  • Learn what psychological safety is and how it impacts an organization.
  • Identify the stages of psychological safety.
  • Discover what organizational leaders can do to build a culture of psychological safety.

Intended Audience: Private Sector/Public Sector

Ben Pasker

During Ben’s 27-year career he has 15+ years of leadership experience and 27+ years of success by leveraging a customer centric mindset to ensure clients see the results they expect. Ben’s background has spanned employee benefits, technology and the pharmaceutical verticals which allows him to leverage his experience across many trades when co-creating solutions for our partners. He has led highly successful, large and complex organizations through various change management, re-organizations and process improvement efforts including the DMAIC Way.

Ben’s role at BecomeMore Group is to help identify where our partners can leverage our Experts to solve complex challenges and Become More!

Unleashing Potential: Overcoming Workplace Anxiety
Kelli Risse


In today’s dynamic business landscape, organizations and leaders face the widespread challenge of workplace anxiety, which hinders productivity, organizational culture, and employee well-being. From decreased performance to strained interpersonal relationships, unmanaged workplace anxiety causes a threat to organizational success.

This session will discuss developing and implementing anxiety management strategies and tools within your organization.

Adopting workplace anxiety management strategies promotes a healthier work environment and cultivates a workforce positioned for long-term success and innovation.

  • Understand workplace anxiety and the major impact of not addressing it in the workplace.
  • Identify the top 7 workplace stressors that cause work anxiety.
  • Learn ways to address and manage workplace anxiety at all levels of your organization.
  • Identify anxiety management strategies for implementation at all levels of your organization.

Intended Audience: Private Sector/Public Sector

Kelli Risse

Kelli Risse is passionate about helping organizations and teams who want strategies and tools to reduce workplace anxiety, stress and overwhelm that will ultimately lead to increased productivity, a healthy culture and improved employee wellbeing. Kelli has been featured on ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS, as well as many other online media outlets. Kelli is the CEO of Rise Up and Live Wellness, a two-time #1 International Best-Selling author and the host of the podcast Winning in Business.

How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge
Steve Hughes


True leadership is not about having a title or formal authority. Rather, it’s the act of inspiring a group of people to do what is in their best interest or the best interest of their organization. But how do you do this? It starts with recognizing the agency you already possess and understanding what really motivates people. Come to this dynamic, hands-on program to discover practical ways you can “take the lead” and move the needle at your company regardless of your pay grade. You’ll walk away inspired and empowered to take your organization to new heights.

  • Get leaders in your organization to see things from your perspective.
  • Avoid self-sabotaging language and attitudes that hinder your leadership.
  • Discover how to successfully manage up.

Intended Audience: Private Sector/Public Sector

Steve Hughes

Steve Hughes is a sought-after speaker who helps people look and sound smart when they talk.  He’s the author of Captivate and he has been featured in The Wall Street JournalBusinessweek, NPR, and BBC Radio. He’s also the proud creator of “International Face Your Fears Day” celebrated on the second Tuesday in October. Prior to speaking full-time, Steve spent 12 years in advertising and public relations—most recently he was the co-owner of an award-winning 40-person ad agency in St. Louis. Today he works with a select list of blue-chip clients including companies large and small, state associations, and leading nonprofits. When he’s not speaking, Steve can be found performing improv comedy with Comedy Sportz St. Louis, attempting home improvement projects, and training for the 500-mile Camino de Santiago in Spain.


11:30 AM – 12:15 PM


12:15 PM – 1:15 PM

Resilience Training Helping Your Employees Navigate Change and Uncertainty
Carol Throckmorton


Based off the Master Resilience Military Officer training, this workshop is designed to equip you with the tools to assist your employees at all levels in the area of mental strength in our ever-changing, ever-uncertain culture. They will be given tips on brain training and restructuring thought processes. After all, it is not just about change and uncertainty, it is about what we believe about it.

  • Define resilience.
  • Understand Stress Management
  • Incorporating mindfulness practices
  • Identify and implement the tools necessary to spur organizational change at all levels.

Intended Audience: Private Sector/Public Sector

Carol Throckmorton

Carol Throckmorton is a communication and relationship management coach with an emphasis on the DISC assessment system.  Certified in DISC, Emotional Intelligence and Motivators, Carol has been involved in public speaking for over 40 years.  She has been training and creating curriculum around the DISC system for over 15 years.

Founder and coach of Next Level Communication, Carol works with corporations and business owners in the areas of employee relations and team culture including conflict management and resolution.  She is also an instructor with the workforce development program through OTC.

Carol and her husband of 45 years, John, met at Bible college and spent 17 years in full time ministry.  She has 2 grown children, a daughter in love and 3 wonderful grandsons.

What You Don’t Know, Can Hurt You
Elissa Holman


If you don’t think that the National Labor Relations Board decisions and rules impact you as an employer, think again!   Contrary to popular belief, the NLRB decisions and rules significantly impact both union and non-union employers.  The most recent decisions by the NLRB have created a framework that encourages unionization and concerted employee actions.  It is critical that ALL employers become familiar with these decisions PRIOR to implementing or executing any practices or procedures in response thereof. We anticipate significant actions across the country to unionize – we want you and your team to be ready! 

A few highlights that will be discussed in this session include, but are not limited to: 1) New Election Rules; 2) Mandated Union Recognition; 3) Protected Concerted Activities; and Work Rules and Handbook Policies 

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the signs of union activity
  • Know what to do when unionization efforts come to your door
  • Know the Employer’s critical deadlines in responding to unionization efforts

Intended Audience: Private Sector/Public Sector

Elissa Holman

Attorney Elissa Holman is a highly successful and knowledgeable professional with nearly two decades of experience in Employment Law, Contract Law, Litigation, and Human Resources. At Dickinson Law, Elissa’s practice is focused primarily on Employment Law and Civil Litigation. Her unique background helps her leverage her extensive business, HR and legal knowledge for her clients by helping them get in front of issues, in a proactive manner, to avoid costly litigation and headaches in the future.

Before joining the firm, Elissa spent three years as a litigator in Employment Law, Personal Injury, and Defamation Law. She was named a “Rising Star of the Great Plains” for her work by Thomson Reuters in 2021 and 2022.

Prior to becoming an attorney, Elissa climbed the corporate ladder at Bank of America for 16 years where she held various roles as a Senior Vice President in the HR arena. Her predominant focus during her tenure was in leadership development, executive coaching, training and development, and assisting in the direction and execution of HR operational processes and services for more than 200,000 employees across the globe. She has also served as a consultant for Fortune 500 companies focusing on the customer and associate experience.

Making the Tough Decisions Easier
Tom McNeill


We all face tough decisions and often we get lost in the what ifs.  Sometimes even leading to “paralysis analysis”.  Have you ever been there?  Let’s discuss how to avoid this situation and make the best decisions we can for our organization in a timely manner. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Short-term financial gains should not always be the focus of our tough decisions.
  • Find your internal release to deal with the stress of the tough decisions.
  • Refocus to reduce the stress associated with tough decisions.
  • At the end of the day, we know that we have made the right decisions.

Intended Audience: Private Sector/Public Sector

Tom McNeill

After graduating from Southwest Baptist University, with his degree in Business Administration, he entered the world of work.  He held finance and management roles in the healthcare industry.  In these roles he presented to local, regional and national audiences about various healthcare topics.  He has also been involved with board and staff development.  He then moved to the Insurance industry and has run the gambit from sales to agency startup.   Tom assisted numerous organizations with operational analysis and strategic planning guidance.  Currently he takes time to be involved in community organizations; including Camdenton Rotary Club and the Lake West Chamber of Commerce.   While he enjoys many activities on and around the Lake his real passions are to watch his grandchildren’s sporting events and ride his Harley down any open road.

Objectives for this session:  To help you hone your decision-making skills so you will make decisions quicker and with confidence.  Then use this knowledge in the presentation of your proposals to the decision-making team in your organization.


1:30 PM – 3:45 PM

The Questioning Effect
Reggie Harris


Some of the greatest solutions were found thru asking questions. Most solutions in science and technology started with a question. In the people sector we usually start with statements or demands. This can lead to a lot of problems in the workplace, including a lack of trust, employee morale on the downward trend, individuals feeling unappreciated, and this list can go on and on. We will look at tactical and effective ways to use questions to find solutions, opportunities, and growth.

  • Identify how statements and demands can sometimes have a negative effect in communication.
  • Analyze how ‘Questioning” can create solutions, offer answers, expand opportunities, and create growth.
  • Apply informational based questioning to finding solutions, tough conversations, and growing your
  • Discuss tools to implement “questions” into your organizational culture.

Intended Audience: Private Sector/Public Sector

Reggie Harris

  • Mississippi Boy, born and raised, moved to Missouri 12 years ago
  • Graduate and Former Football Player for the MISSISSIPPI STATE Bulldogs #hailstate
  • Former High School Biology, AP Biology Teacher, Football, Baseball, Track, Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Banking Industry for 9 years
  • 7 ABA Certifications
  • Fitness & Yoga Enthusiast, & Fitness Instructor
  • Traveler and Philanthropist
  • FinTech Industry trainer
  • Manager / Coach Retail
  • Entrepreneur
  • Podcaster
  • Social Media Influencer
  • High School and College Referee
  • Reggie is known for his holistic and enthusiastic approach to presenting, facilitating, consulting, and coaching. He has a wide variety of experiences with people and organizations that have shaped and molded his approach.
  • Reggie has been trained in a variety of presentation methods, personality assessments, emotional intelligence, time management, company culture, diversity and inclusion, strength finders and with his background as an educator and thru his life experiences, he has developed a unique approach to solving problems, motivating, consulting and leadership.


1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

Resiliency: Changing the Way That We Think
Pete Ungaro


This presentation will provide participants with a basic understanding of neuroplasticity and how to change our cognitive processing aids in resiliency. Resiliency is a key concept in keeping employees happy and healthy. This presentation helps organizations understand that resiliency training helps employees cultivate resilience to better weather the challenges of life. This training is designed to give leaders a better understanding of what resiliency is and how it helps to improve organizational morale, employee retention, reduction in the use of sick time, improved job satisfaction, increased interpersonal communication, more productive employees, as well as an enhanced sense of well-being.

  • Participants will have a basic understanding of neuroplasticity.
  • Participants will have a basic understanding of resiliency and the benefits of being resilient.
  • Participants will have a basic understanding of how emotions can drive responses.
  • Participants will have the tools necessary to implement resiliency training within their organization.

Intended Audience: Private Sector/Public Sector

Pete Ungaro

Pete Ungaro is one of the co-founders of Guardian Training Service and proudly served almost 18 years as a Deputy Sheriff with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office in Iowa City.  While at the Sheriff’s Office, he was certified as a Drug Recognition Expert, Drug Recognition Expert Instructor, Standardized Field Sobriety Test Instructor, Guest Instructor for the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy, Reserve Academy Instructor, Law Enforcement Representative in the Rural Roads Safety Video, and recipient of the Life-Saving Award.  After leaving the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office he was employed by Kirkwood College as the program coordinator and instructor for the Criminal Justice program.  Pete left Kirkwood College to start the Guardian Training Service, a corporation dedicated to providing mental health and resiliency training to employees as a tool to help them thrive in their personal and professional lives. Pete currently holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with an emphasis on Police Psychology, a master’s degree in Criminal Justice with an emphasis on Leadership and Executive Management, and is in the dissertation process of his Ph.D. in Psychology with an Emphasis in Forensic Psychology.  His dissertation and expertise are focused on officer wellness, PTSD, and the impact of repeated traumatic events.

Religion and Politics – Thanksgiving Dinner at Work?
Sean Oliveira


We are going to discuss two things everyone says you should never talk about: Religion and Politics.

Employers, Agencies, and the Courts saw a vast increase in religious accommodation requests/claims in recent years. Last year’s Supreme Court decision in Groff seemingly made everyone’s job harder. Moreover, we are entering a contentious presidential election year. Tensions will be high and workplace peace hard to come by. This presentation explores what employers can do to keep the peace at work and handle religious accommodation requests post-Groff.

  • Become aware of the religious accommodation landscape post-Groff and COVID-19
  • Explore various approaches to religious accommodation policies and practices.
  • Explore options for balancing political speech and the work environment.

Intended Audience: Private Sector/Public Sector

Sean Oliveira

Prior to becoming an attorney, Sean Oliveira was an EEOC investigator for 15 years and investigated employment discrimination cases in both New York and St. Louis.  He represents companies in all areas of employment law, specializing in both counseling and representation in all matters of alleged discrimination.  Sean also has extensive experience in training (both virtual and face-to-face) for both attorneys and human resources professionals.

This Is the Way: The Only Way Safety Plans WORK
Mark Woodward


Yes, we need a safety plan. Yep. Got it. Thanks.

But nobody can really explain “how” to build a safety plan, how it should be structured, what should be in it, and what to DO with it! We all know we need a safety plan, but how in the heck do we build it? How do we assess the plan we have? What’s it’s purpose? What’s it supposed to DO? What’s the end result? Safety plans seem like a nebulous document that nobody can really explain. Heck – nobody even reads them! Well, that stops today, with this presentation. We’re going to get down to brass tacks and discuss how YOUR safety plan needs to be structured, what goes IN it, and what you need to DO with it. This is going to be good! Can’t wait! See you then! 

  • End result of the safety plan.
  • Structure of a safety plan.
  • Actions required to properly implement and manage the safety plan document.

 Intended Audience: Private Sector/Public Sector

Mark Woodward

Mark Woodward is the Senior Safety & Risk Services Trainer at Missouri Employers Mutual. He is responsible for conducting MEM employee and policyholder training, including customized training for associations, safety conferences and business groups.

Throughout his career, Woodward has instructed tens of thousands of Missouri employees through more than 3,000 safety and risk management classes. He has presented on a national scale, including the American Association of State Compensation1 Insurance Funds, National Safety Council’s Congress & Expo, Public Risk Management Association Conference, American Society of Safety Engineers and National Common Ground Alliance.

Woodward is a certified safety consultant through the State of Missouri and a National Safety Council CPR, First Aid and AED trainer, defensive driving instructor and OSHA Outreach Trainer for courses including: OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 in Construction. He is also President of the Missouri Chapter of the Common Ground Alliance.

Woodward has a bachelor’s in Safety Management from the University of Central Missouri and a master’s in Education from William Woods University. He is certified through both the University of Missouri and Association for Talent Development. Woodward is a long-time active volunteer in Missouri fire and ambulance districts as a certified firefighter and emergency medical technician.


2:45 PM – 3:45 PM

Let’s Play! Game-based Learning for HR Management
Daryl Smith


Let’s play games! Despite cultural notions that suggest that playing games is not productive, playing games can be very productive and can be used to enhance overall workplace effectiveness. Games can help your leadership and your teams increase productivity and overall employee satisfaction. More specifically, game-based learning is a great and cost effective way to train your employees.

In this session you will have the opportunity to play the HR Game which is currently being used to teach business students how to “hire right”, “train right”, and “manage (employee relations) right”. This game also has the potential to help companies train new supervisors on how to make talent management decisions that positively impact business performance. All while concentrating on the organizational objectives of balancing sales/profit and employee productivity and engagement.

  • How to make effective hiring decisions based on both attitude and aptitude.
  • How to make effective training decisions for new hires.
  • How to properly address employee relations issues in the workplace.
  • How to use the concept of “hire right” “train right” and “manage right” to assist senior leadership in managing organizational objectives.

Intended Audience: Private Sector/Public Sector

Daryl Smith

A recognized executive with 30 years of experience, Daryl Smith has the unique ability to apply progressive organizational and talent management strategies that consistently create value. He has a consistent track record of success in several industries, including manufacturing, sales and distribution, telecommunications, entertainment, and financial services. His early career included fiscal and operational assignments. He attributes these early experiences to helping shape his broad and comprehensive view of organizations. 

With a reputation for creating award-winning workplaces. He is skilled in leading and facilitating organizational effectiveness and cost-saving strategies including organizational design, lean manufacturing, systems thinking and TQM; and in improving employee engagement.

His past career assignments include SVP Global Human Resources at ESPN / ABC Media Networks, VP Human Resources & Training at ARAMARK/Galls, and VP Human Resources & Training at Cox Communications.

Today, Daryl is an award-winning teaching professor at the Trulaske College of Business at the University of Missouri.  His areas of teaching include various courses in HR/OB. Daryl has received campus and national teaching awards, as well as awards for advising and service.

He has effectively served on over fifty (50) boards, including industry associations and non-profits.  He is passionate about causes relative to education, youth, diversity, people with disabilities and families in crisis.

Daryl holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Missouri in Columbia MO and a Master’s in Business Administration from Washington University in St. Louis MO.  He has completed executive education programs at Cornell University in Ithaca NY and Stanford University in Palo Alto CA.